How to setup PIN logon instead of Windows Live ID login in Windows

Microsoft’s Windows Live ID is the single sign-on ID that helps the Microsoft users to log in to their Microsoft account, all devices having Microsoft operating system and all Microsoft software with a single Windows Live ID.

The Windows Live ID is a gateway to access all the integrated devices, programs, and web services by allowing access in a single ID and Password. With recent technological development, Microsoft offers a host of options to its users apart from Windows Live ID for login in Windows and one such way is using the PIN.

Using PIN for signing in to Windows account is not a new concept, but Microsoft is encouraging users to use the PIN instead of Windows Live ID for the following reasons:

  • PIN helps the user to log in faster to their Windows.
  • Users do not have to remember long and tedious passwords, so no more need to remember special characters, capital letters, numbers etc
  • As PIN logon is numeric so users need not look whether the keyboard is having CAPS LOCK ON/OFF
  • If users have installed different languages on their devices then it involves checking of input language so using PIN logon is preferable
  • Passwords are rather easier to guess as compared to PIN

So according to Microsoft, PIN Logon is safer than Passwords as PIN only gives access to the device but does not give ownership of Microsoft account. To take the ownership of the account i.e. to change the PIN, the user has to enter the password first this security check keeps imposters and their fraudulent activities at bay. PIN Logon saves the time and gives faster and quick access to the computer as compared to Windows Live ID

Now that we have learned the benefits of using PIN Logon let us have a look at how to setup PIN Logon for your Windows device

  1. Click on Start Menu
  2. Click on Settings option under Start Menu
  3. In the Settings window find and click on Accounts
  4. Accounts window will open, on left of the window find and click on Sing-in Option
  5. The window will show the option PIN in the right pane below it you will find Add button
  6. Click on the Add button to setup PIN Logon
  7. For security purposes and to keep imposters away system will ask you to enter Microsoft account Password
  8. Enter and Verify Microsoft Account Password and Click on OK
  9. Create and enter the desired PIN for your PIN Logon, this PIN will be used to login and access your Windows device
  10. Click on Finish to complete the process of PIN Logon setup

Once you finish creating PIN Logon for your Windows device you will be able to use this PIN for logging in to the same device every time you are at the Login screen.

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