How to Plan Your Work Day & Set-Up Devices for More Productivity

Some of us spend a lot of time organizing the to-do list, while others prefer organizing files to stay on top of the productivity graph. More often than not, most people are not able to manage all the tasks they have on the to-do list.

No matter if you are working from home or office, you must be looking for productivity tips that can make you super active in your work. Maybe because your boss wants you to finish everything on time or you don’t like delays.

So, before moving further with the tips to make the environment and the device job-ready, let’s first understand what productivity is all about.

What Is Productivity?

The term ‘productivity’ is often misinterpreted, as people relate it to perfectionism. If you are spending more time on making a task perfectly, you may face delays. Although you should put your 100% when it comes to perfection, it’s important to keep an eye on the clock.

If you are working on a project that is already complicated, focusing on perfection will only make things complex, resulting in loss of work and missed deadlines. So, perfection is important but not at the cost of productivity.

Complicating your tasks will not make you productive. Instead, you will pile up all your pending work. Identify the time when you are most productive during the day and try to utilize it in handling the most complex tasks.

Setup Your Zero-Distraction Workspace

Now, after you have done some time management, look out for a dedicated workspace where you can handle your daily work tasks without distraction. This way, you can focus more on work while keeping the workflow smooth and productive.

With limited work hours in the day and a bucketful of tasks to accomplish, it’s important that you manage your time appropriately. More importantly, you must set up your workspace in one particular room or corner of your house with the least disturbances.

If you have kids at home, managing your working hours is a bit more challenging. So, what you can do is identify your kid’s sleeping pattern and then schedule your work accordingly. If you have a fixed working schedule, teach your kids to stay away from your work desk and computer as well as to not interrupt when you are working.

Now let’s move to some technical tips to improve productivity and make the most out of your workspace technology.

Optimize Your Computer for Better Performance

Once you have managed your time and set up the workspace, it’s time to tweak your computer and its features for optimal productivity.

#1. Update Your Operating System

First things first, you should take a closer look at the version of the operating system installed on the computer. It goes the same for all the systems, regardless of the operating system.

If you find any updates, install them right away, as it will make your system fast and more secure. The new updates come with the security patches required to fix any bug that exists in the previous version. So, you should set your computer to automatically install the updates when they are available.

#2. Remove Apps You Do Not Use

Secondly, take a tour of your computer to check the apps you are installing. You will find a lot of applications that you have not used for years. For example, you can remove slack apps, video editing programs, coding software, and other similar items to optimize storage space and make it available to other apps.

Removing such apps will make the computer’s hard drive faster enough to handle high-end tasks. On deleting an app permanently from the computer, the system resources that the app is using get released, and other apps can use them for faster processing.

#3. Disable Startup Items

One more thing you can do to improve your computer performance and prevent lags while working on high-load apps is quitting the startup items. You don’t have to disable all the startup applications, but a few that interrupt your day-to-day productivity. These apps run in the background and consume system memory, storage, and other resources.

Altogether, they affect the productivity of other apps as not enough resources required to accomplish a task are available. For example, you need to design a website, but your computer is not running the designing tool efficiently because of low RAM, the productivity suffers.

The Conclusion

To sum up, you need to use a combination of technical and non-technical tips to achieve higher productivity at work. By staying productive at work, you can also get enough time to spend with the family and take care of your health. 

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