Learn Windows 10 Features & Improve Your Efficiency

Windows 10 has become the world’s most popular operating system currently available in the software industry, but users are still unaware of hundreds of features that this amazing OS offers. Knowing about these features will allow using them effectively and work more efficiently.

Dozens of functional features are designed to make the work easier and quick, keeping in mind the ease and convenience that users demand during the work from anywhere era.

Open Password-Protected Apps Faster

Windows Hello will allow you to quickly log in to your Windows 10 device by using fingerprints or facial detection. Besides, you can use your Personal Identification Number (PIN) if you do not have a fingerprint reader or a camera. You can access any password-protected applications or online services. To set up Windows Hello feature on your computer:

  1. Navigate to the Start menu from the bottom-left section of the screen.
  2. Go to Settings, click Accounts, and select Sign-in options.
  3. Select Windows Hello item under Manage how you sign in to your device.

Run Windows on Macbook Using BootCamp

Mac users can install and use Windows 10 on their systems using Boot Camp Assistant. Users can then switch between Windows and macOS as per their requirements while restarting the Mac. For a detailed procedure to run Windows on Mac, you may refer to https://setapp.com/.

To run BootCamp, you will need to have a Mac with an Intel processor.

  1. To run Windows 10 on a Mac, first, you need to check your Secure Boot settings, which is, by default, set to Full Security. 
  2. Next, use Boot Camp Assistant by navigating to Utilities under the Applications folder for creating a Windows partition.
  3. When Boot Camp Assistant stops running, Mac will restart to Windows installer, which will prompt to install Windows, select BOOTCAMP, and click Format. 
  4. Next, install Windows, and once the installation finishes, follow the instructions for installing Windows support drivers and Boot Camp.

Fit Four Apps in Quarters on One Screen

Windows 10 makes it easy to access multiple applications altogether on a single screen. So, you can play a video on one half while browsing the web on the other half of your display. In addition, you can also snap the apps to lock them to avoid overlapping. Here’s a detailed procedure to avoid snapping.

  1. Place the cursor on the title bar of the open application that you want to snap and drag it to the left or right section of your screen. 
  2. Now select another application, and it will automatically snap to an empty segment. 

To exit this mode, select an open window, click on the minus (-) button to minimize it, or close the app by clicking the X button. 

Customize the Appearance & Feel 

If you are a long-term Windows user, you must be familiar with the easy to tweak personalization features that the operating system offers. From changing the desktop background with the custom image to modifying the color settings for visual elements, you can tweak the overall appearance of your Windows operating system.

  1. To change Wallpaper, go to Settings, click Personalization, select Background, click on Background drop-down menu, select Picture option, click Browse to select the image, adjust Choose to Fit option, and exit the window. 
  2. To make the app icons appear larger, right-click the app tile, select Resize, and pick an appropriate size.

Change Notification Settings in Windows 10

The Notification & actions window is where you will find all notifications and access commonly used apps and settings. You can also change your action center settings from the Settings app.

  1. Navigate to Settings from the Start menu
  2. Click System and click Notifications & actions
  3. Under Notifications, adjust the given settings by toggling the button to On or Off to set up the following:
  • Show notifications on the lock screen
  • Get notifications from apps and other senders
  • Turn notifications on or off for senders
  • Get tips and suggestions for using Windows 
  • Show reminders and call alerts on the lock screen
  • Show the Windows welcome experience after updates and highlight what’s new

Use Cortana, Microsoft’s Digital Voice Assistant

Cortana is Microsoft’s voice assistant that assists you in accomplishing several tasks. Activating Cortana is simple; go to the Start menu, and select Use Cortana. It will help you to keep your schedules up-to-date by managing the Calendar. Cortana can help you in joining Microsoft Teams meetings by setting reminders and alarms.

In addition, it can help you in creating and managing lists, finding facts, definitions, and more. Keep in mind that Cortana will ask you to give permissions for tracking your activity. Once you activate Microsoft’s digital assistant, it will be difficult to disable it completely. You can see Cortana on the taskbar of your computer.

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