Popular and useful eBook reader apps for Windows 10 users

Reading is one of the favorite hobbies of many people across the globe. Many want their favorite books to accompany them wherever they go but carrying a physical book can be tedious at times. So by understanding your love for reading and to satisfy your appetite of reading an efficient ecosystem is built by Windows 10 where you can read your favorite books anywhere, everywhere and always.

An eBook reader is an application that allows users to read an electronic book. Introduction of eBooks and eBook readers has revolutionized the way of reading your favorite book as over the past few years many people prefer eBooks over physical books. This is because eBooks offer a lot of advantages, few of them are as under:

  • If you travel a lot then eBooks are very convenient as it is easy to carry and you can carry an entire library of your favorite books with you wherever you go
  • Physical books need storage and can take up a lot of space but with an eBook reader you can save your entire bookshelf on a small electronic device or a personal computer
  • In the long run, the price of eBooks turns out cheaper than physical books as there is no printing cost associated with it. However, the readers have to bear a good amount for accessing eBooks on the device
  • Reading eBooks is very convenient because if your eyes are strained by reading small font letter then eBook allows you to adjust the font size. You can change the font size and even darkness of the letters
  • If you like to read yourself to sleep then eBook is the best option for you as eBook readers come with night reading feature that allows you to read the book in the dark without straining your eyes

Above are the main advantages of using an eBook reader. Therefore, if you are Windows user here is a list of best eBook readers available for Windows 10 users:

  • Bookviser eBook Reader: This eBook reader is specifically designed for Windows 10 and Windows phone users. This eBook reader offers an elegant user interface that makes reading a book easy. Also, the app offers customization options to users. The best feature offered by this eBook reader is that it makes the eBook look similar to a physical book with realistic animation of page turning.
  • Nook eBook Reader: This is one of the best eBook readers as it allows the reader to use and access many smart functions and controls thus makes the reading experience worthwhile. This eBook app offers built-in dictionary and supports making notes, bookmarks and highlights.
  • Sumatra: Sumatra is not one of the fancy eBook readers but is one of the most popular eBook readers this is because the app is very simple and allows easy navigation around the eBook. The simplicity and ease of use makes it a popular choice for most of the readers
  • Icecream Reader: Icecream book reader has become popular as it allows many eBook formats like .mobi, EPUB, FB2, PDF etc. the app performs numerous functions smoothly like bookmarks, notes, eBook categorization, tracking the reading progress, changing the font type etc. so it is one of the popular eBook reader apps amongst Windows 10 users
  • Calibre: Calibre eBook reader is a must-have app for all book reading lovers as this app allows the readers to organize their library of favorite books. The user interface is very responsive thus making reading experience flawless.
  • Cover: This eBook reader is specifically designed for comic book readers. Apart from comic books, this eBook reader supports other formats of eBooks The user interface of this reader is responsive and quick thus making the reading experience awesome.

Thus above is a complete guide of the best, popular and useful eBook readers for all Windows 10 users.

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