How to install Ubuntu on Windows PC

Ubuntu is an open source operating system offered by Linux. It is one of the most popular operating systems for the following reasons:

  • Being an open source operating system it can be customized as per user needs.
  • Ubuntu can be downloaded for free, and
  • The software center of the Ubuntu operating system offers a wide range of apps.

Thus, Ubuntu remains as one of the most favorite picks of developers as it allows them enough freedom to create and develop new codes and come up new apps. Apart from the above-stated reasons, there are other promising reasons for users to choose Ubuntu as their daily OS. Here are they,

  • Ubuntu is FREE: Yes, you heard it right, Ubuntu operating system is available for Free and it is undoubtedly one of the biggest reasons for users to opt for Ubuntu. Apart from the operating system most of the compatible software is also free.
  • Ubuntu is User-Friendly: Ubuntu is a very user-friendly operating system. Any person having basic computer knowledge can easily install and setup Ubuntu operating system on their computer. Many users even find using Ubuntu easier than Windows.
  • Ubuntu is Secure: Ubuntu even being an open source operating system, the malware or virus risk associated with it is very negligible as its built-in firewall system and virus protection method are excellent thus keeping your PC protected. So if you have Ubuntu OS then say goodbye to anti-virus.
  • Ubuntu is customizable: Ubuntu system gives freedom to its users of customizing the operating system so if you do not like the environment of your PC or want to experiment something new then you can change it anytime.
  • Low System Requirements: The Ubuntu operating system does not need high – system requirement to work efficiently. The recommended hardware requirements for Ubuntu to work efficiently are 700 MHz processor, a mere 512 MB RAM, and a 5GB hard disk.

Thus the above features and advantages make Ubuntu one of the most popular operating systems. Let us now see how to download and install Ubuntu on your PC.

  • Download Ubuntu desktop version freely from the internet. There are various websites from where you can source the installation link for downloading the executable file of the Ubuntu operating system.
  • After downloading, Ubuntu makes necessary BIOS changes on your computer i.e. changing the settings of your computer to look for Ubuntu first on USB drive while booting the system.
  • Once you download Ubuntu then create a bootable USB by ISO file on the USB Drive this will make the installation of Ubuntu from the USB drive.
  • One of the unique features offered by Ubuntu is that you can try Ubuntu before installing it on your PC. For this, you can run a trial of Ubuntu from the USB drive using UnetBootin. Users are prompted for the trial during the installation process of Ubuntu.
  • Once you have created a bootable USB then installing Ubuntu is very easy as users only need to follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  • The entire installation process is complete after restarting the PC.

Thus above is a comprehensive guide for Windows 10 users to install Ubuntu operating system on their PC.

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