Best file recovery software for Windows

In today’s technologically advanced era, humans are finding ways to find a solution for every loss. One of the biggest technological losses that anyone can face is the data loss. Data loss can be a very daunting experience for individuals as well as businesses. Losing crucial and sensitive data may be due to human error, cyber – attack or any natural disaster can have a long-lasting impact. So what to do when you lose your important data? The answer is File Recovery Software.

File Recovery Software helps in retrieving the lost data without much of fuss. So, here is our list of top picks of the best file recovery software for Windows:

  • Recuva: Recuva is a file recovery software product offered by a popular software firm named CCleaner. CCleaner offers a range of products and solutions for Windows users amongst which Recuva is their popular file recovery software.

This software is used to retrieve:

  • Files stored on the system drive, USB’s, DVDs etc.
  • damaged data on the system drive
  • recently formatted data
  • helps in finding deleted files

Users can perform all the above actions through a user – friendly software interface of Recuva.

  • OnTrack Easy Recovery: OnTrack Easy Recovery is file recovery software that works best with windows operating system. The interface of this file recovery software is comprehensive and provides users with tools that help them in recovering the lost data quickly. With this software user can:
  • Swiftly recover the lost data from any device like the USBs, local or external hard disk etc.
  • Find missing or deleted files on their computer
  • Recover and rescue files corrupted by a virus
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: This software is Windows-only file recovery software. This recovery software is easy to use and offers help in:
    • Recovering from lost data and files
    • Recovering of deleted or missing data or files
    • Recovering from corrupted files

Apart from the above functions of the software it also allows users to:

  • Search files having a specific file type.
  • Start, Pause and restart recovery or scanning process to a later date.
  • Sort the result of scanning or recovery by file name, file type, and its date.
  • Disk Drill: Disk Drill is comprehensive file recovery software offered by CleverFiles. This software is compatible with both Windows and Mac. This file recovery software works swiftly in recovering files, data, videos, photos, documents etc. This software does a fantastic job of recovering and reconstructing of damaged data of 200+ file types by applying various recovery methods. With this software, users can recover the data within minutes. This software is also compatible with Android and iOS so it can be used to recover files on smartphones and tablets too.
  • Active File Recovery: Active File Recovery software as the name suggest is one of the most popular file recovery software for windows. Apart from being popular this software is also one of the most affordable file recovery software available in the market.

This software is used to:

  • Recover deleted files
  • Recover corrupted files
  • Repair and restore damaged files

Thus above is a partial list of top file recovery software that are compatible with the Windows platform.

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