The power of QR Codes and how it works

QR Code is a very common system used which you can find frequently on all products at supermarket, flyers, and magazine and so on. If you are still unsure about how a QR Code looks then here is a sample of QR Code

What is QR Code?

Quick Response Code commonly known as a QR Code is 2 – Dimensional Barcode in Square shape that is used to store encoded data. When the QR Code is scanned using a smartphone or any other device it usually directs or links the smartphone to another website or URL. QR Code allows your smartphone to interact across the globe using mobile web services. The scanning of a QR Code through a QR Code reader gives access to content on the web. QR Code is 2D barcode in which customizations are possible. As customization is possible so many companies and brands incorporate their visual identity in their QR Codes.

What does a QR Code contain?

QR Code is a masterpiece of technology which is created to be read by machines. These QR Codes are impossible to be read by human eyes. Each code is different and unique but has a few common features as under:

  1. Quiet Zone: It is an empty white border around the code that helps in isolating the code from the rest of printed information.
  2. Finders Pattern: these are the large black and white squares present at the three corners of the QR Code.
  3. Alignment Pattern: Alignment pattern ensure that the QR Code is detected even if it is distorted
  4. Timing Pattern: the timing pattern helps in reading and identifying data cells of the QR Code.
  5. Version Information: These are placed near the Finder pattern these cells identify which version of the QR Code is used in the particular QR Code.
  6. Data Cell: Data cells are the cells that contain actual data of the QR Code.

Following is the pictorial representation of the contents of the QR Code:

(Photo Credit: www.

How to read a QR Code?

Reading a QR Code is impossible for the human eye. For reading a QR Code you need to have a QR Code scanner. This scanner scans the QR Code and makes it understandable. Reading or Scanning of QR Code is very simple when done with QR Code scanner. This QR Code scanner helps to read the application very easily. Following are the steps will help you in understanding how to read QR Code

  • QR Code can be read with the help of QR reading applications. So you have to first download the QR Code scanner on your mobile.
  • Then open the QR Code reading application. This application will activate the camera of your phone that will help you in scanning the QR Code.
  • Once the QR Code is recognized by the QR Code reader then it will give you access to the content.

Thus, the above pictorial representations will help you in understanding the working of the QR Code.

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