How to remove spyware from Windows computer

Spyware is the viruses that cause damage and theft of our important data present in our PC or laptop. With the increase in the theft of personal information, it is the need of the hour that we take utmost care for the security of our PC and Laptop.

The spyware software’s digs and burrows in our PCs and Laptops to acquire important information which can be used for cyber crimes. The presence of potential spyware can be seen if you see signs like slower performance of your system, continuous or frequent occurrence of pop-ups or system behaving weirdly than usual. If you see much out – of – the – ordinary behaviour of your system even after the presence of antivirus software then it is best to think the possibility of the presence of spyware on your laptop or PC.

To remove spyware from your Windows computer here a quick and simple step – by – step guide for taking the required action:

  1. For cleaning up spyware from your laptop or PC the first step is to disconnect your PC or Laptop from the Internet. The Internet is the source of spyware so it is recommended to keep your PC or Laptop disconnected until you wipe clean your PC or Laptop from Spyware. Disconnecting from the Internet is important as it will prevent spreading of virus or leaking of personal information.
  2. Once you have disconnected your PC and Laptop from the internet the next step involves booting your PC or Laptop in Microsoft Safe Mode. Safe mode helps to prevent spreading of that spyware that is set to infect the PC or Laptop automatically on start or loading of Windows. Safe mode ensures easy cleaning of notorious files as they are not running at the background.
  3. Once you have logged into safe mode, the first thing to do is to delete all the temporary files. Deleting temporary files will speed up the process of virus scanning, will free up some disk space and also delete some spyware files, if any. Once you have deleted all the temporary files then you need to run a virus scan.
  4. For a virus scan, you need to have top-notch antivirus software installed on your PC. If you do not have one then it is recommended to first download and install top-rated anti-spyware software on your PC or Laptop. Scan your PC or Laptop under the spyware These spyware scanners are designed to scan thoroughly the entire data of your PC or laptop and locate the spyware activity files
  5. Once the scanning is complete the anti-spyware software will give report and details of spyware or virus infected files which you need to clean up using the anti-spyware software
  6. Once all the spyware and virus are deleted from your PC or laptop the anti-spyware software will prompt to restart your PC or laptop in order to complete the process of removing spyware, which you should perform.

Thus in this way you can remove spyware from your Windows computer making your PC or Laptop healthy and ready to use.

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