Windows Phone Skype App: Features and How to use

Skype application software is popular amongst everyone as it offers a host of features to its users. Skype telecommunication software is used widely not only amongst the general public but it has corporate clients as well. Skype specializes in voice calls and video chats. These voice calls and video calls can be carried out between mobile phones, laptops, computers, tablets, Xbox Game Console, Smartwatches and to regular wired phones.

Communication via Skype can be done even if both the users are using a different communication device, for example, A Skype voice call or video call can be done if one user uses a mobile device and other user uses a laptop. Apart from a voice call and video call Skype also support Instant Messaging service with which the user can send a text message as well as a video message. Through the instant messaging service Skype users can exchange photos, videos, documents etc.

Skype helps the users to stay connected to its near and dear ones with the help of the following features:

  • Calling: Calling is the basic function of the Skype app. Users can instantly get connected with family, friends or colleagues by making a Skype call. The latest Skype calling features are:
    • Skype to Skype Calls: Now you can call any person on Skype for free and that too anywhere in the world. Just search the person in the search bar or punch in the phone number and you can directly make a Skype call for free
    • Call Anywhere: Skype is not just limited to making to Skype call as you can use it to call mobiles and landlines. You can use Skype to call Mobiles or Landlines at low rates and that too worldwide
    • Group Calls: Skype supports group calling. Group calling is nothing but calling and involving a group of people in one call. Skype Users can add up to 25 people in a one Skype call.
    • Skype Number: Skype offers an online number just like a local number. this number makes it easy for people to call you and you can pick up the call on any device where you use Skype
    • Forward Calls: Skype helps you in getting your calls forwarded to any phone anywhere in the world
    • Caller ID: You can now get your very own caller ID so that people know it’s you calling them
    • Skype to Go: this feature makes international calling quick and cheap
  • Video: Skype takes phone calling to another level by allowing features like video chat and group video chat. Now you can see your near and dear ones while talking to them.
  • Messaging: Skype can help you in sending quick messages to friends, family or colleagues especially at times when you don’t have time to call. With Skype messaging you can instant message, voice or video message and even GroupMe where you can share messages, location, and photos.

Thus above we have seen a complete list of interesting features of Skype and using them is as simple as punching in a phone number on your mobile.

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