Essential Security tips for Windows Phone users

Nowadays as our mobile phones have become ‘smartphones’ there is an increased risk that they have to face like that of a malware attack. So, after Laptops and Desktops, it is the turn of smartphones to face such risk.

You may have heard reports that many phones these days are at a risk of getting infected or attacked by malware. Such malware attacks happen if the Windows Phone user is installing third-party applications that are not verified by top mobile companies like Microsoft, Apple etc. or if the phone users are using mobile that has been hacked or jailbroken.

Downloading mobile apps that are digitally vetted and checked by renowned and recommended companies ensures the safety of your mobile phone. Also following some basic security tips for the safety of your Windows Phone is a good practice as all your important data will be secure.

Let us have a look at some essential security tips that will help you to secure your Windows Phones:

  • It is recommended that all Windows Phone users must download apps and games from trusted sources. For Windows Phone, the trusted source is ‘Marketplace’. Downloading the apps and games through trusted source reduces the risk of malware attack as all the apps and games available on these sources are digitally signed ensuring safety
  • For Windows Phone users the company Microsoft periodically offer security updates for the operating system of the phone so all Windows Phone users must download these Windows Phone updates as soon as they are made available by Microsoft
  • The companies of which you download the apps and games from marketplace periodically provide for updates of these apps and games. Windows Phone users must install all these phone updates as soon as they are made available. Downloading these updates is important as these may be some security updates that will ensure the safety of the phone
  • Imagine if all your important data is lost or stolen from your Windows Phone? Nowadays there is a bigger threat that phone users are facing and that is of data stealing. So it is important for all Windows Phone users to secure their phones by setting up a password. Setting up password will help in securing all the important data. Apart from setting up the password, all Windows Phone users must ensure to take the backup of all entire data regularly
  • To prevent people from making unauthorized phone calls always set up a PIN (Personal Identification Number) for the SIM card
  • If your Windows Phone has a ‘Find My Phone’ feature make use of these apps to find a lost phone, locking the phone remotely and also wipe remotely so that no one gets access to information on your phone
  • While accessing the internet over phone set your Windows Phone to not store cookies but if you choose to store cookies then you must regularly delete the stored cookies and browsing history

Observing the above essential tips will help you in protecting your Windows Phone and ensure the safety of your data. Let us know if you have an additional tip to share with us.

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