Eight awesome free games for Windows 8/10

Playing games on the computer has always been a very popular way of entertainment. Microsoft is dedicated to providing cross-platform playing experience to their gamers. For Windows 10 users, these games can be downloaded from Microsoft store. Microsoft store is loaded with numerous possibilities of free and paid games. Let us have a look at top 8 awesome free games available in Microsoft store for the gamers.

  1. Asphalt 8 Airborne: Asphalt 8 Airborne is the most popular arcade racing game by the Gameloft franchise. This game gives gamers live and constantly changing the environment of the racing arena and is at the start of the game is greeted with an option to choose from over 180 cars or motorbikes. The gamers can choose their dream bike or cars like the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Apollo or Kawasaki Ninja and unlock them from the money gamers win while racing. The game gives gamers an experience of over 40 different high-speed tracks to race and that too at different exotic locations thus making it one of the most popular arcade racing game
  2. Despicable Me Minion Rush: This is one of the most hilarious and funny game out there in Windows 10 Marketplace. This game imposes various obstacles on the cute little minions who have to dodge them and collect bananas. These little cute minions perform missions of fighting the villains to impress their boss Gru and earn the title of Minion of the year.
  3. Dungeon Hunter 5: The gamers who love action-packed games this one is for you. This game is action-packed, challenging and addictive game. The gamer has to guide the hero through the kingdom of Valenthia, a fantasy world, by developing unique combat styles that your hero will do on your instructions.
  4. Sonic Dash: This is a fast paced runner game where the gamer has to collect rings by overcoming obstacles at different locations. The user interface of the game is very scenic making the overall game playing experience a memorable and entertaining one. This game is a simple game yet it will rekindle the joy of playing PC games
  5. Modern Combat 5 Blackout: This game is an action-packed game available in both single player and multiplayer mode. The game offers an action-packed environment that keeps the gamers glued to the screen. This game offers the gamers with a pleasant gaming experience but the only mandatory thing for this game is that PC needs to have an internet connection even if the gamer is playing in single player mode.
  6. Pinball FX2: This is one of the most addictive games. This game features a pinball table where the gamers play to relax and unwind. The game offers realistic looking and realistically behaving pinball tables where you can play and challenge your friends for a good game.
  7. Cut the Rope: This is a puzzle game which challenges the basics of your physics knowledge. The game is highly entertaining and head-scratching where the gamer has to cut the rope in such a manner that candy is fed to the little monster called Om Nom.
  8. Microsoft Treasure Hunt: This is a puzzle solving game based on the premise of the classic Minesweeper Game. The objective of the game is similar to the Minesweeper Game where the gamer has to save the hero from all hidden dangers while collecting gold coins.

Above is a comprehensive guide of all the top free games available for Windows users. Let us know your favourite ones.

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