How to port Windows Phone User Interface on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G

Giving mobile users an option to customize their mobile phone is one of the popular ways to make mobile phones pretty damn good. The customization of the mobile phone is good news for all the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G users who miss the user interface that Windows phone offered.

Windows Phone user Interface is considered as one of the most popular user interfaces as it is lively, pretty, informative and smart. iPhone Mobile users who missed their Windows phone user interface can now enjoy it on their iPhone and iPod Touch as Microsoft has rolled out a new iOS application called the ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop’, designed to turn the interface of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into Windows Phone User Interface. This application is freely available in Apple’s App Store. There are plenty of third-party developers who have offered similar apps that make your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch look like Windows phone.

Following are few apps that will help you to port Windows phone user interface on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G:

  • iOS Blocks: iOS blocks or Curago is one popular app offered by Cydia that works towards providing a polished Windows phone user interface for your iPhone and iPod Touch. This iOS Block tweak is designed to provide live tile-like blocks on your iPhone or iPod Touch. These tile-like blocks are resized app icons similar to the live tiles that you can see on the Windows phone.

However, iOS Blocks are more interactive and show more content as compared to Windows phone live tile.

  • Redstone: Redstone tweak is used to replicate the Live Tiles and Start Screen of Windows phone on iPhone or iPod Touch. Redstone is the only tweak that came closest to offer porting of Windows phone user interface on iPhone4 and iPod Touch 4G.
  • Eclipse: Eclipse tweak is available to bring a dark display theme on your iPhone and iPod Touch. This app offers a dark theme for all iOS as well as third-party apps. This tweak is a paid tweak but is very inexpensive.
  • Activator: If you are in love for Cortana and want to replace Siri then the best way is by using the Activator tweak. This tweak is used to replace the default apps of iOS. You can download this tweak from Cydia. This app is used to remap or create new actions for your iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • MailClientDefault10: The name of the app is suggestive to tell what the app does. This app allows the iPhone or iPod touch users to choose their own default mail client. Microsoft has its own iOS version of outlook for their iPhone or iPod Touch users but using the MailClientDefault10 app will redirect the ‘mailto:’ link to your desired mail client.

So for all the tech-savvy users who want to enjoy Windows phone user interface on their iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G can customize their iOS device into a Windows phone to a certain extent with above apps and tweaks.

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