It’s time to meet the Windows 8

The introduction of Windows 8 has brought in a significant technological advancement in the operating system. Windows 8 is here to add significant advantages to your system in respect to speed and performance. Windows 8 has garnered a lot of adulation within a very short time and the reason for the success of this operating system is its performance.

So, if you are on a thinking of buying a new system or want to upgrade your system to the new Windows 8 operating system then it is always good to go for the best operating system. Windows 8 operating system offers you with improved performance level as compared to its predecessors and that too at a cheaper price. Following are the advantages of opting Windows 8 operating system.

  • Faster system booting: On comparing Windows 7 and Windows 8 performance on the same machine it is observed that Windows 8 offered faster booting of the system. Windows 8 is more than twice faster than Windows 7. Thus Microsoft Windows 8 is offered with improved system performance.
  • The new world of Apps: Windows 8 is a breakthrough operating system that gives access to its users of web-connected Users can explore these web-connected apps on Windows start screen. These apps even display relevant description or information on their screen tiles.
  • Integration with SkyDrive: Windows 8 offer SkyDrive integration that helps you to save data on the cloud. SkyDrive acts just like your local hard drive where you can backup all your systems data thus when you buy a new system you can download the entire data from your SkyDrive account and make your new system similar to your previous system.
  • Offers better Security: Windows 8 offers better security to your system and one of the best examples of better security is a secure Windows 8 Secure boot stops a computer from loading or booting an operating system which has not been signed by the publisher. Similarly, another security offered by Windows 8 is that all the apps in the Windows store are checked for security issues. In addition to this, Windows 8’s default web browser is declared as the best browser as it detects and blocks over 99% of malicious downloads.
  • Touch input: The touch input screen of Windows 8 is rated by many as a far more superior touch input than that of Apple iPad.
  • Faster Shut down: The Windows 8 offers improvement in shut down time. The Windows 8 operating system shuts down the system faster as compared to its predecessor.

Microsoft has thus offered a good operating system that excels in areas like faster startup time, faster shut down time, faster wake up from sleep. Thus all the above features of Windows 8 makes it a fast and efficient operating system that offers its customers with user-friendly interface and makes upgrading experience worthwhile.

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