How using Windows based hosting solution can help a business with Windows applications

When making sense of which web hosting plan is the correct decision for your business, you have two principle server choices that are Windows hosting and Linux hosting. If you know nothing about what they are and how they claim to be exemplary, you could be at risk settling on an inappropriate choice out of the gateway, and face issue down the line having your website performing the manner as per your preference.

Windows Hosting in a nutshell

Windows hosting is a website facilitating that uses Windows operating support. Since the most widely recognized web hosting plan selections work on Linux, you can, as a rule, expect that whenever a web hosting business entity does not indicate an arrangement as regards Windows hosting, it is virtually Linux hosting.

Even though for a specific group of website owners, Windows server hosting is the better decision, and it becomes pertinent to establish a definite plan that caters to the related focal elements that accompany it.

Opting for Windows hosting does not constrain your efforts to embrace products from Microsoft. Many plans put forward one-click simple installation of favorite apps such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, phpBB, PrestaShop, and so on with multifaceted features. There seems to be no cPanel, but then something compatible like Plesk would make it much easier to check your website status, create email accounts, adjust settings, and monitor your projects in particular. Choose a VPS hosting plan or an exclusive hosting service, and you will be able to control the server from your base computer using Remote desktop.

Pros and cons of Windows Hosting

Windows hosting is not a random selection for whoever desires for it, barring for those companies who match its integral features and exploit the advantages vested in it.


  1. It keeps running on the well-known Windows operating system (OS).
  2. It facilitates compatibility with a host of Windows tools.
  3. It accompanies the user-friendly Plesk control panel.


While the benefits of Windows server hosting are remarkable, there is also a school of thought that conveys that Linux is the default web hosting solutions and whereas Windows hosting is quite decent for what it actually performs, yet it has a couple of worth mentioning drawbacks too.

  1. Linux hosting is more secure.
  2. It is not cost-effective.
  3. It lacks stability.

In spite of these impediments, Windows hosting enjoys a major liking than Linux for its impeccable performance which is time tested.

Users of Windows Hosting

Windows hosting is reasonably useful for organizations that have been around for a little while and have assembled their website and related supporting on Windows programs. If Windows hosting is the correct decision for your enterprise, your IT segment will probably have logical emotions regarding the matter. Ensure you carry them into the discussion and let their feedback decide your web hosting implementation.

Essentials for Windows Hosting

Since you have decided you do require Windows server hosting, it is crucial at that juncture to locate the correct web hosting provider and plan for your needs accordingly. While exploring your alternatives, here are a couple of notable features to consider.

  • NET
  • ASP Classic
  • Visual Basic Development
  • MS Access
  • Remote Desktop
  • C#
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Exchange

What is more, if you utilize a prevalent CMS, such as WordPress, watch that the web hosting plan is good with that too. As an afterthought, if you include website tools like Google Analytics and AWstats, or eCommerce programming like Magento or Woocommerce for online support, make sure to check those too.

Final Thoughts

Many web hosting packages run on Linux servers, and it is easy to observe why the operating system is smooth, stable, safe and secure, with a user-friendly technology-centric ecosystem that encompasses some of the best web applications around.

In spite of all these improvements, Linux will not be the most desirable system for a majority of users. If your platform is based on Microsoft technology such as .NET and ASP.NET or you are thinking of running Microsoft SQL or Exchange Server,  or any other Microsoft stack software, you will need to consider selecting a vivid Windows program to experience smooth sailing in your realm of actions.

Regardless of whether you are planning to go for Windows hosting, dedicated server hosting or Virtual Private Server hosting, Hosting Raja has got you secured. Contact our group of specialists today to initiate your endeavor. To conclude, if you have decided to reap the benefits of Microsoft technologies in general and Windows hosting in specific, the same is ready to reach your doorsteps with great features at an unusually low price.

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