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How to Sync Settings across devices in Windows 10

Windows 10 first came with the sync feature which lets you sync some of your settings among your Windows 10 devices. This feature works with every Windows 10 device if it’s a tablet or a laptop. This feature is useful when you want to enable or disable same settings on all your Windows 10 devices. After enabling the sync setting feature, the same settings will sync across all your Windows 10 device over the internet.

This feature obviously syncs all the features except those which the other device doesn’t support. Your lock screen and background wallpaper will also sync across after changing it on one device. This feature saves a lot of time if you own two or more than two Windows 10 devices, so let’s check it out.

First, you need to check that all your Windows 10 devices are running the similar version of Windows 10. Basically, update all of them to make sure that the settings will sync properly across different devices. Also, make sure that all the Windows 10 devices are signed in with the same Microsoft account as yours.

  1. Open settings using Win+I or from Start menu.
  2. Select Accounts then Sync your settings.
  3. Turn on Sync Settings and the settings will be ready to be synced.
  4. Below you will a list of features which you can control individually to get synced among connected devices over the internet.

The theme feature includes all the personalization settings which can be synced like wallpapers, lock screen, and more. The wallpaper will be synced to all the devices until you manually change the personalization in those devices manually. Passwords setting will sync all the saved passwords among devices, only the passwords which were saved in Internet Explorer will be synced. Other Windows settings include all other settings like the ease of access and more.


You can manage the number of devices is attached with your Windows Live ID here, you can remove the devices which you no longer use. Syncing across devices don’t always work with settings and stuff, you can also sync your files across devices using OneDrive. There are lots more tips and tricks about Windows 10 on Windows Lifestyle, check them out.

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