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How to Automatically Lock Windows 10 PC using Dynamic Lock

When it comes to privacy on computer Microsoft is working way too hard on it and making Windows 10 more secure as possible. Windows Hello is the best security for PC made by Microsoft for Windows 10. But it works on selected devices only which comes with a fingerprint sensor, iris scanner or 3D webcam with real sense technology to detect the faces. Now, Microsoft came up with the new type of security called Dynamic Lock in Windows 10

Well, you cannot use Windows Hello on your old PC or laptop without the necessary hardware. But with the new Dynamic lock feature in Windows 10, you can increase the security of your PC to some extent. Dynamic lock recognizes one of your Bluetooth enabled device like yours smartphone or fitness band. Let us see how you can do this on your Windows 10 PC.

Steps to enable dynamic lock on Windows 10

First, you have to make sure that your PC is running the latest version of Windows 10, Creators Update or later and has Bluetooth connectivity. You also need your smartphone to be paired with your PC before enabling the dynamic lock.

  1. Make sure that your PC’s Bluetooth is on and your smartphone is already connected to it via Bluetooth.
  2. Open Settings app from Start menu, Action Center or Win+I.
  3. Go to Accounts > Sign in options and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  4. Check the Dynamic lock checkbox and close the settings.

If the dynamic option is grayed out (un-check-able) then make sure that your phone is connected to your PC first. Now, whenever you will leave the desk, just leave with your smartphone and your PC will get locked automatically.

Of course, the locking down of PC is not instantaneous because the PC takes the time to detect when the phone lost connection with it. Also, it only locks down after a certain period of time or whatever you selected.

If you don’t like this idea and really want to lock your PC as soon as you step away from your desk then there are lots of devices available for Windows PCs. Those devices work just as the dynamic lock and use Bluetooth to sense your presence. As soon as you walk away from your PC, it locks the PC at that instance or whatever time you choose. It also unlocks your PC automatically when you reach to your computer.


Privacy is the biggest concern in laptops and PCs so you should try every option available to secure your important files. If you ask me then the dynamic lock is not the best and recommended an option to rely on for your important files. If you are not able to buy those devices or you can’t find one anywhere to buy then you can also use a USB drive as a key to lock your PC using a freemium software available on the internet for the fair price.

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