How to Fix Windows 10 Font Size Problem in Surface Pro 4

We face many problems in Windows 10 because we have not explored it deeply. We face problems when we try to install any software, application, or when we want to customize or personalize our display screen in Windows 10.

A similar problem we face which is related to a font. If by mistake we make changes in settings, we get to see the change in the font size of icons available on the desktop. And once the settings are saved, then we are not able to fix it. It happens with many people and so we have a guide through which you can get a solution for How to Fix Windows 10 Font Size Problem in Surface Pro 4.

Below are the steps for fixing the problem. Follow it properly. Read every step carefully and try to understand what you need to do actually.

We have a tool known as Windows Defender which we use when we want to do the magnify the font size but sometimes it is of no use because all the icons become small in size and we cannot use Magnifier every time.

How to Fix Windows 10 Font Size Problem in Surface Pro 4.

1. Download the latest version of Windows 10.

  • It may happen sometimes that we are not aware of the updates and we are still using the previous version of Windows 10. Make sure, before you try to fix any problem, you have downloaded the latest version of Windows 10.
  • If you are facing these font size problems, the best solution is to install the updated version, the problems will be solved automatically.

2. Use Program Compatibility Troubleshooter and Run the Program.

  • The program compatibility troubleshooter will fix your problem. Once you will run the troubleshooter, it will ask you to enter your admin login details, once you enter your details you will be able to see the problems have been fixed.

3. Make changes in Display.

  • If your system is connected to more than one monitor, then you need to make changes in the main display.
  • Go to Settings System and select Display.
  • Select the display as per your requirement and click on “Apply”.
  • Next time when you will log in, you will not face Windows 10 Font Size Problem in Surface Pro 4.

4. Check the publisher’s app.

  • If you are not sure whether you are running the latest version of Windows 10 (Surface Pro 4) or not you can check it. What you need to do is go to settings and the list which will show you every application which is installed on your machine.
  • Select any application as per your choice and check the name of the publisher. After this, you need to contact the publisher and discuss your problem.

Final Words

Apart from these solutions, there are many other ways through which can fix the problem. But if you follow the above steps correctly, I am sure you will fix the problem easily.

It is recommended that you write these steps in your notes or save this article because you can face this problem any time so you don’t need to search for the solution every time you face these small problems. I hope this article on How to fix Windows 10 Font Size problem in Surface Pro 4 is useful for you.

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