How to use eyeball movement to control mouse pointer in Windows?

Microsoft has always brought forward breakthrough technologies to ensure the highest level of user-friendly interface. Amongst many, one such extremely innovative technology that Microsoft has incorporated in its operating system is the one that allows the eyeball movements to control mouse pointers. This technology focuses on replacing the conventional mode of screen pointing methods. This technology is focusing on extending the usability of Windows to disabled and handicap people. The main intent of Microsoft for incorporating this technology into its Windows operating system is to make real-time, inclusive fast and novel way to interact with the operating system which can be used by everyone.

Using the eyeball movement to control and input data in the computer has helped the disabled to communicate and access the computer. This technology allows people to communicate with the computer, and the severely disabled people learn and educate themselves through customized educational software, play games etc.

How does the eyeball movement control mouse pointer:

The eye tracking in the Windows 10 is done with the Tobii Eye Tracker 4c, this the eye tracking hardware. The Windows 10 eye control feature offered by Tobii Eye Tracker 4c will help the users to access applications, enter information and communicating with the computer. The interface for accessing the eye control feature is the eye control launchpad. The Eye Control Launchpad has 4 icons that allow the users to:

  • Change the placement of the Eye Control Launchpad either to the top of the screen or at the bottom of the screen
  • A keyboard that allows typing the information into the computer system through eye control technology
  • Text to speech features allows the users to type words using the standard keyboard or with shape writing and the operating system will speak aloud the resulting words and sentences
  • The mouse that allows access and control mouse pointer to input data

How to interact with the Eye Control Launchpad?

The first time users might think of it as a tedious task as all are accustomed to using the standard input methods but with perpetual use and practice interacting with the Eye Control, the user interface is simple. The user has to learn and practice to just look at the screen and focus on the icon that user wants to use. The user has to look and ‘dwell’ (as Microsoft calls it) on the screen and button until the operating system understands and engages in doing the task of the button. For ease of understanding the system provides feedback throughout that helps you in knowing what you are doing and how the system is using your eyeball movements to control the mouse pointer.

How to turn on Eye Control Interface?

In order to turn on the eye control interface on Windows 10 the user has to:

  • Firstly connect and set up a supported eye-tracking device to the computer
  • Once the eye tracking device is set up your system is up for using eye control interface
  • The eye control interface can be placed on the screen by clicking on Start -> Settings -> Ease of Access -> Eye Control (Preview) and then Turn on Eye Control.
  • This will enable the eye control interface on the main screen
  • Then you can launch the use of mouse and then let your eyeball movements to control the mouse pointer to access or input data in your computer

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