Top 5 Stock market apps for Windows Phone Smartphones

There are Windows Phone applications for all sorts of purposes, however, stock market apps for Windows Phone Smartphones are the most popular out of them all. Having a stock market app installed on a Windows Phone Smartphone makes it really easy to keep track of the stock market all day long and make the proper investment and trading choices when the time is right.

If you are a Windows Phone Smartphone user and if you are in search of the best stock market apps for Windows Phone, then today we bring you a list of the top 5 stock market apps for Windows Phone Smartphones that can be helpful for both investors and traders in the stock market.

Top 5 Stock Market Apps for Windows Phone Smartphones

TD Ameritrade Mobile

The TD Ameritrade Mobile is one of the most popular stock market apps for Windows Phone Smartphones. This application is completely free to install on any Windows Phone Smartphone running Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 8.1.

The application provides its users with different tools which can be used to view the different events that can affect the stock market and also test the effectiveness of investment strategies that are opted by the investor. The TD Ameritrade Mobile also features a community where you can network with other traders in order to share knowledge and get help.

CNBC Mobile

CNBC Mobile is another top stock market app for Windows Phone Smartphones. The CNBC Mobile app is compatible with devices running Windows Phone 7.5 and higher. The application features detailed information on all the latest happenings in the stock market space along with photos and videos to give you a better insight.

Using this application, you will also be able to get the latest stock charts and stock quotes based on real-time trading which can benefit both investors and traders alike.

PTS (Power Trading Solutions)

PTS is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for the stock market. This application helps in automating almost all mundane tasks associated with power exchange trading and also does it in a highly efficient manner.

The application allows users to automate almost every task from bidding till payment without needing any sort of monitoring by a human.

My Stock Advisor

My Stock Advisor is a stock market app for Windows Phone Smartphones that functions as an analytical tool. The analytics data provided by the application can equally help people interesting in doing long-term investments and stock market traders as well.

To improve efficiency, the application makes use of a complex algorithm that can detect the movements in the stock market which can be a potential profit for the investor and then makes suggestions to the investors based on these findings.


Coming in at the 5th spot of our top 5 stock market apps for Windows Phone Smartphones is StockCharts. The website is one of the most commonly used websites by stock market investors and traders. The StockCharts app for Windows Phone Smartphones is a simple application that offers users with a feed of stock charts published on the website.

The app also offers insights on the published stock charts like the chart range, chart type, indicator, overlay, and more. You can also search for specific stock symbols or companies registered in the stock market to get more details on their stock market performance.

Final Words

The applications listed above are some of the best stock market apps for Windows Phone Smartphones. If you have used some other stock market apps for Windows Phone in the past, then do leave a review of the app in the comment section below so as to help others.

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