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How to download blocked files on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Windows 10’s recent update which called Creators Update, tightened the security on Windows 10 to protect users privacy. Microsoft tweaked the core files to make the security, even far better than before. Well, Windows SmartScreen is a feature which is with us from quite a long time, since we had Internet Explorer. But as we know that Microsoft changed the way and moved on to a new browser called Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft worked really hard and still working to make it better in all aspects. The Edge browser got everything which a third party browser can do. And with the Creators Update, Microsoft added a new layer of security called the Smart Screen filter. This filter won’t let you download the exe extension files from the internet to protect Windows from malware attack.

Some of the users are complaining that the Microsoft Edge won’t let them download the files that they know is fine but Edge blocks that file from downloading. If that is your problem too and it is kind of annoying too! So, here we have a solution for that, you can download the files after that but we still don’t recommend you to do that.

Steps to unblock the blocked downloads in MS Edge

  1. First, start the download from the website which you want.
  2. Once the download got blocked, click the “Hub” button (three lines) on the toolbar of MS Edge.
  3. In downloads panel, right click the file which got blocked.
  4. Click the “Download unsafe file” and the download will resume and the files will download.

Now you know how to download the files MS Edge is blocking you to download. If you click the “report that this download is unsafe” then SmartScreen will learn and become more accurate.


Microsoft added this functionality to protect you from the internet scammers and malware. So we recommend you to download only those files which you trust the most and if you have any doubt then do not download it.


  1. This supposed “solution” DOES NOT WORK!!

    Right clicking the file that got blocked DOES NOTHING!

    20 years of downloading stuff and I’ve only had ONE virus, which was easily fixed.

    Now the simple act of downloading a file is a billion times harder than cleaning out a virus infested PC.

    Windows 10 is absolute garbage in every way.

    1. Go to windows security > virus & threat protection > virus & threat protection settings (manage settings) > turn off real time protection

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