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How to get Windows 10 Creators Update right now on your computer

Microsoft has rolled out the biggest update of this year for Windows 10 popularly known as the Creators Update. It comes with a more polished user interface and tweaks for Windows 10. Microsoft has also focused on security features in this update of Windows 10. Let’s know more about the Windows 10 Creators Update and how you can get it on your desktop or laptop.

Features of Windows 10 Creators Update

  • Paint 3D is a new feature in Windows 10 Creators Update where you can take your imagination to a new level by giving it a third dimension. The Paint 3D is a new preinstalled app paired with View 3D app to watch all your created 3D models. With Remix 3D you can connect to creators and get inspired by them to create your own 3D models.
    Paint 3d
  • Cortana got integration with different apps within Windows 10 to keep you on track, and you can focus on your work, not on all the reminders. You can now create and access your Wunderlist lists using Cortana only by your voice or text.
  • Now broadcasting games become easier than before, with Beam you can broadcast your game directly while playing.
  • Windows Store now has a book section so you can buy yourself some books on your Windows tablet.
  • To reduce strain on your eyes, Windows 10 Creator Update comes with a blue light reduction feature in the settings.
    Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Edge browser got updated with a new tab management feature which manages the tabs more efficiently than other browsers.

How to get Windows 10 Creators Update right now

If you are an insider with fast ring setting, then you will get the update right into the update menu under the settings menu. If not then you need this update assistant tool to download and install the creator update on your PC.

  1. Download the Windows 10 Creators Update Assistant from here.
  2. Launch the tool, and it will start scanning your PC for eligibility.
  3. Click the Update now button to start downloading the update, and it will start to download the update.
    Windows 10 update assistant
  4. Once the update is downloaded, confirm to reboot your PC and install the update.


Once the update is complete, you will see a new setup screen to setup your PC and modify the privacy settings. The setup is voice activated; you can setup your PC using your voice only. All your files will be where you had it before the update. Also, the settings will be the same as before. If you already updated your PC with Creators Update then tell us what do you think about this new update and how you got this update?

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